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Welcome to spring soccer!
by posted 03/20/2023

Hey there everyone! 

We are so excited to start the spring soccer season!!  My daughter keeps asking mom when does soccer start?  A little about us, my daughter has been playing with cabrini since she was 3 years old as well as me coaching and we love this program!  We love soccer at our house and we are looking forward to another fun filled season.  We just want the kids to love soccer, and learn how to be on a team sport if this is your first time.  We are here to have fun!


With that being said, below is some important information I feel will be beneficial for everyone to know.  This year we have a big team with 19 players.  But the cool thing is now that we are on the 7/8 league, we can have more players on the field and we now will play on the bigger fields!  I can’t believe our kids are getting so big! 


I will be attending a coaches meeting in the weeks to come where I will get our jerseys and the picture forms. I will be handing those out the morning of picture day, which is scheduled for Saturday 4/15 in the morning and will be in the Cabrini Grade School gym.  


We do not have any times assigned yet from the photographer, Studio One, so please look out for more information to come on that.  

Address for pictures: 15300 Wick Rd., Allen Park, MI 48101.  If you are unable to make pictures, they usually do a make up picture day, but I am not sure about the details.  


Games will begin on Tuesday, April 18th! The schedule will be released soon. Our games could be on Tuesdays, Thursday’s or Saturday’s. 


Since the kids are getting older, I was thinking about having practice once per week, which I didn’t do in previous seasons because they were still so young and having 2 games per week was enough.  I will ask everyone about their preference on practices on picture day.  But I was thinking either we can do practices before games once per week so you don’t have to come an additional day, or we can do them on a different day then games.  We usually always have 10 or so minutes to “warm up” before games. 


I will also do a snack sign up for our games, the kids love it. Feel free to sign up if you are able, and I had one player do the drink and another do the snack, so everyone can get an opportunity to bring a snack item, but don’t feel obligated.  I will send the sign up link soon, once we get our schedule. 


Important information 

Games will be played at Cabrini high school behind the building 

15305 Wick Rd., Allen Park, MI 48101


Here are some of the skills players for the 7-8 year old division will be working on and should acquire by the end of the season!  Please work on those at home too if you can. 

  • Kick with the inside of the foot
  • How to start a game and restart a game after a goal
  • Proper throw-in technique
  • Learn when you get a corner kick or a goal kick
  • How to sit on the sidelines and cheer for their team when not playing
  • Players should be developing knowledge of positions and team movement on the field
  • Try getting the players to stay in their positions. Respect the referee's decisions.


Soccer equipment needed/suggested

  • Size 4 Ball will be used for 5-10 year olds.
  • Each player will receive a jersey
  • Soccer shorts/ or athletic pants
  • Ages 5 and up must have soft-cleat soccer shoes for their safety. Football, softball, or baseball cleats are not allowed. These shoes have a toe cleat which is considered dangerous in soccer.
  • Shin guards.  It is mandatory that all player wear shin guards.  Shin guards must be covered entirely by the soccer socks. You may also wear an “all-in-one” soccer sock that has a sewn-in shin guard.
  • Water bottle


7-8 year old division

7-8 division = 7 + goalie

7-8 division = 2x25 minutes


Here at the rules for the league if you want more information, but I just covered the basics! 



Also, NO DOGS are allowed on the grounds.  This is for the safety of our tiny players, and your pets as well.


Here is my cell if anyone wants/needs to text me!  (734) 358-4120 Have a great week, and see you guys on picture day, Christina! 

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