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Change Team: 
Saturday, April 9th Cabrini Elementary Gym
Cabrini Booster Soccer Photo Schedule
Player should have their soccer ball if they want it in the photo 
Players should arrive 10 min ahead of photo time. 
Please have envelopes ready at that time.
  Photographer  A Photographer B
Photo Time Team Team
9:00 Roupe-Navy Blue “B” Owen-Sky Blue “B”
9:10 Davenport-Texas Orange “B” Morlock-Sport Grey “D”
9:20 Wisser-Royal Blue “A” Owen-Sky Blue “D”
9:30 Eggemeyer-Sky Blue “C” Paugh-Electric Green “A”
9:40 M. Williams-Daisy “A” Paugh-Electric Green “B”
9:50 M. Williams-Daisy “B” Ginsberg-Lime Green “A”
10:00 Doran-Orange “B” Birmingham-Carolina Blue “A”
10:10 Doran-Orange “C” Serowoky-Tropical Blue “D”
10:20 Doran-Orange “D” Lambert-Electric Green “D”
10:30 Mondon-Red “B” Wetzel-Tropical Blue “B”
10:40 El-Rifaai-Lime Green “C” Brown-Navy Blue “C”
10:50 Miller-Daisy “D” Stamper-Royal Blue “D”
11:00 Ismail-Lime Green “B” Gordon-Navy Blue “D”
11:10 Karbon-Sport Grey “B” Daniel-Red “A”
11:20 Boc-Lime Green “D” Wheeler-Garnet “C”
11:30 Rader-Carolina Blue “B” Jolly-Sky Blue “A”
11:40 Zeleji-Sport Grey “C” Kaneko-Daisy “C”
11:50 David-Tropical Blue “C” Burns-Carolina Blue “D”
12:00 Stapleton-Purple “C” Eckerman-Garnet “D”
12:10 Garbarino-Red “C” Tackett-Carolina Blue “C”
12:20 Valmassoi-Electric Green “C” Housch-Red “D”
12:30 Vargas-Royal Blue “C” N. Williams-Military Green “C”
12:40 Walker-Texas Orange “C” Robertson-Orange "A"
12:50 Stanton-Tropical Blue "A"  
  Coaches receive a Free 8x10 team photo -   
But If you purchase  package 1-4 of your child that includes a team, 
you can get a photo with your child instead of the team
Please mark your envelope "with coach" and either 8x10, or 2 5x7
Studio One Photography     734-284-5742